Our Chapter History

Ohlone Chapter NSDAR was organized on October 9, 1990. The chapter takes its name from the Ohlone Indians who heavily populated the San Francisco Bay area during the time of the American Revolution. Although there is presently no active tribe of Ohlone Indians in this area, there are numerous preserved Indian sites, burial grounds, and shell mounds available for viewing.




October 9, 1990—October 9, 1991


Organizing Chapter Regent

Romaine Throckmorton Veronda


Organizing MEMBERS

Margaret Camp Ahrendt

Laura Bernice "Marie" Archer

Faye Anne Ritnour Aubrey

Mary Carolyn Bartlett Austin

Florinne Knowlton Becker

Kathryn Knight Beggs

Leonora Alice Branca

Barbara Camp Brown

Juliet Boardman Riley Campbell

Laura Katherine Fandey Carson

Betty Joe Bartlett Crutchley

Valerie Lynn Crutchley Diggs

Barbara Brown Hallgren

Gloria Jean Crutchley Jones

Sharon Vera De Long Lachenmyer

Dorothy Ruth Warren McCowen

Jean Joanne Jackson Messick

Caroline Pearl Delicate Miller

Christine Wrege Naberhuis

Katherine Marie Noyes

Nancy Ann Fuston Robertson

Bonnie Belle Sindel Saunders

Helen Louise Linnehan Talt

Cynthia Allison Teller

Susan Moore Teller

Viola Elizabeth Grant Thomas

Eleanor Doris Throckmorton

Jennifer Ann Veronda

Luanne Adelle Lauer Witham

Margaret-Jean Dewey Wolstenholme

Grazia Patricia Johnson Yonan



Renee Colleen Cooper Bogue

Susan Dillion Bryant

Vonda Lee Hampton Cooper

Marian Ann “April” Messick Lee

Neila Marie Shafer Renfro

Shirley Snow Steigerwald

Judy Ann Messick Turner

Past Chapter Regents

1990-1991     Romaine Throckmorton Veronda

1991-1992     Mary C. Bartlett Austin

1992-1994     Romaine Throckmorton

1994-1996     Veronda Christine Wrege Naberhuis

1996-1997     Margaret Ahrendt

1997-1998     Shirley M. Ray Bronte

1998-2000     Leonora A. Branca

2000-2002     Laura Fandey Carson

2002-2004     Alice E. Thatcher Reiley

2004-2006     Katheryn Y. Murray-Lindsey

2006-2008     Kay Wheeler Hutchison

2008-2010     Kay Wheeler Hutchison

2010-2012     Sally Jean Gibbons Philbin

2012-2014     Sally Jean Gibbons Philbin

2014-2016     Sally Jean Gibbons Philbin